Griffin’s Sacrifice

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Griffin was looking into his book pensively. He tried looking out the window, but it seemed really cliché for someone in his position. He thought he would change it up a bit. But not too much, though. “I’m a very smart boy” he thought. All he could do was to sit here thinking about the biggest decision of his life. He knew what was expected of him, and he knew he had to do it. But he also knew that it was the hardest thing he would ever have done.

“I could move countries and change my name” he came up with a novel idea. But he knew that he was kidding himself. Moving countries is no easy task. Especially not for someone like himself.

He hopped off his chair, trying to shake away the horrors. He wanted to walk around the house to take his mind off of things. “Maybe one day I get to be who I am….I don’t have to change. For ANYONE.” “Maybe that would be in….Bosnia” Griffin cursed himself for not even being imaginative enough to come up with a better I-could-flee-to-country than Bosnia. “What hope do I have, I better make my peace with what is coming” he said, finally hopping on the couch and settling in.

He couldn’t believe that Susan would do this to him. Susan, who he has loved for what seems like all his life. He thought she loved him, too. What a beautiful lie that is. She doesn’t want him to be who he is, who he knew he always wanted to be. “Let her come home, I will tell her what I REALLY think” he bargained. Such was his conviction, he almost believed in the lie. He heard a knock on the door, bringing him out of the anger stage of his grieving process.

“Hi, baby! I missed you so much! I couldn’t wait to get home to you all day!” Susan said, as she was walking in. “I don’t know if you believe in your lies” Griffin thought, as he went and cuddled Susan as she settled down in the couch. “I am such a creature of habit” he said to himself, as he was warm in Susan’s embrace. They spent some quality time together, both with the knowledge of what was to come in the morning.

By the time Griffin woke up the next morning, there was a lot of commotion in the living room. Susan seemed to be hard at work already. She seemed eager to close the door on his dreams once and for all. “I guess I always knew this was going to end” he said to himself. He quietly trotted out into the living room. There it was, all of his passion. In one cardboard box. Susan saw him and lit up “Good morning, sweetie!”.

He walked over to her and let her kiss him, even though that was the last thing he wanted to do. “I know you wanted to keep these but you will have to give them up. It’s becoming too much now. They are all over the house.”

Griffin looked at the box full of hats and said “I had to make some changes and one of them was you”. All he wanted to be was a good boy wearing backward hats and rapping but a dog rapper wearing a backward hat was too much for this world. Maybe that might change one day. For now, he raps without a hat on…..


The Way It’s Meant to be

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He knew it was his destiny.

Hey guys check this out! its a picture I clicked when I was out on a hiking trail“. He said, obviously vying for the attention of just the one person.

She was beautiful, she was nice to him, she was intelligent.

What’s more, she even laughed at his jokes. A genuine laugh, at that.

Oh wow, that looks amazing!” she said.

Rob knew this was always going to be a far fetched fantasy he was weaving with his highly creative mind.

This is crazier than anything my mind could conjure!” he yelled, crying.

He was just in his room, all by himself. It was a mess. There were a lot of clothes strewn around.

Hey Rob, did you hear about this bar? Its a crazy story!” she exclaimed, really excited

No, tell me about it!” he said, even though he knew all about it.

He looked into her eyes, as she recounted the story he knew. They were beautiful.

As the night progressed, they walked along the town just talking and telling stories.

It was a beautiful night.

At one point, Rob said “Wait, listen to this. What if the only way we can be together is if we are the last two people in the world?

She laughed. “Shut up Rob, theres no way that can happen. We aren’t in a fantasy movie.” she said. He just laughed.

The rest of the night was picture perfect. It was the most beautiful night of his life.

They said their goodbyes, exchanged their phone numbers.

Rob stopped crying now, he was gathering some things. He was dressed uncharacteristically. It wasn’t his usual Wednesday morning attire.

The morning after that beautiful night, Rob decided to text her.

It was now six months later, and Rob was ready to leave his apartment in his weird attire…..

He saw someone walking down the hallway.

He pulled out a pistol from his holster and shot that person dead.

One down, seven billion to go.” He said out loud, as he headed towards the exit past a picture of them together………..

Like in the movies….

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Max was working away at his desk, very seriously. He was working as if he is being paid in Pokemons. Or hot women.

One of his colleagues walked up to his desk, slammed it and said

“Why so serious?!”

Max looked up, and said in a hustled voice,

I had a dream…

“Oh you did?! I’ve heard a certain Martin Luther King Jr had one too.” Said the colleague mockingly.

“Shut up and listen to me.” Max said very angrily.

“So i went to bed last night and i had this dream at 2AM. I know because i woke up at the end of it and checked the time.”

The colleague nodded, listening attentively.

“So i was fighting the bad guys with my best friend, Alex. We killed almost all of them, Then Alex and i drifted apart , very far apart. He was shooting continuously when someone threw a hand grenade at him.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like victory.” said the enemy soldier approaching me.

I shot him as he was pouncing toward me. That was the last of them. Then i was heading toward the camp where our captain was, making sure all the injured soldiers were getting treatment.

Then, i decided to go report to the captain. While i was entering his tent, I saw something. The captain was talking to an enemy soldier.

“….. I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse” the captain was saying to the enemy soldier.

I stormed into the tent and shot the enemy soldier immediately.

“what’s going on here, captain?” I asked the captain, very furious.


“Tell me, captain! so many soldiers died fighting for the country while you were selling us out here? Tell me the truth!”

You can’t handle the truth!” Yelled the captain.

“Yes i can, It’s very clear.” i said, as i shot him.

“Sorry captain, but with great power comes great responsibility” i said, walking out of the tent.

That night, i was sleeping and i had a dream….

“Oh, a dream inside a dream, INCEPTION!” yelled the colleague.

“yes, inception. Alex, my friend that died at war came in the dream and he said “Nobody puts baby in a corner.” ”

“What are you talking about?” I said.

“Take my body to my hometown. RIGHT NOW.” he said.

So i woke up right then in the middle of the night, and loaded the truck with my friend’s body and hopped into the van.

Then, i looked at what’s remaining of Alex and said “fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.

I reached his hometown, found his home and told his family what i was there for. They thanked me for being so kind as to getting their son’s body back home. As they were about to open the doors of the van, i said

Show me the money!

I took the money and said ” I will be back. Hast la vista baby!

They looked at me in disgust and as i was leaving, there was a massive explosion and all of the village went up in flames. Everyone died, along with me.

Someone at the outskirts of the village said,

Game over man, game over!

When i try to remember now, it was Alex, my friend.

Then someone shot him and said “Frankly my dear, i don’t give a damn.

“This was the captain whom i shot at the tents. ”

“So i am occupying myself with all this work just to forget this crazy dream. ”

Then suddenly, Max’s colleague that has been listening attentively all along pulled a shotgun out of nowhere and shot Max in the head.

He smirked and said “ it wasn’t over, it still isn’t over.

The other guy

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Sam was sitting at the bar, sipping his drink.

A beer, to be exact.

The bar was empty, except for him and the bartender. The barmaid seemed to have gone out somewhere.

“Excuse me, man. I just gotta run out for a bit. Be back in a minute.” The bartender said.

“Alright man, be back soon. Or i’ll steal your alcohol.” Sam said and continued sipping his beer.

A minute later, the barmaid returned. So did the bartender. They both walked back to the bar.

Then, some people walked into the bar. They seemed like trouble. Sam did not say anything. The barmaid asked them if they wanted anything.

“We will call you if we need anything. Go away now.” One of them said.

The guys that came in just before were creating a lot of noise. Sam told them to keep it down. They booed at him. So, he walked away.

As Sam was drinking his beer in peace, one of the guys at the table yelled at the barmaid as she was taking their order. Another one of them tried to touch her.

“What’s your problem?” Sam said.

The other guy pulled out a rifle and said “I have the gun, so i am boss around here.”

And then suddenly, the bartender pulled out a gun and shot the guy with the gun in his head. “You’re not the only one with a gun here” he said.

“What the heck, man? Why did you just shoot him?” one of them said and started firing in all directions.

The barmaid was scared. She came and hugged the bartender.

The bartender yelled at the barmaid “Hide behind the bar! NOW!” saying that,he shielded the barmaid. Then, he winced. A bullet pierced through his shoulder.

Before they knew it, he shot all of them.

“Now to get rid of the bodies.” Sam said.

“You’re my hero! I love you, marry me!” said the barmaid to the bartender.

………There was some loud song on TV. The bartender woke up with drool all over the table. He cleaned it all up and stared at the empty bar.

“If only something like that ever happened.” He thought to himself and started chugging a beer.

Someone was at the door. “Hey! My name is Sam. I applied for the barmaid’s job” said the beautiful woman at the door.

The bartender smiled and said “You’re hired.”

Happily ever after

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The four of them were sitting in a circle,on the terrace of their hostel building, chugging beer. Ram, Sunny, Kumar and Raj. They were all talking loudly, having fun.They just got done with their undergraduate degrees. It was the night of their last exam of the final semester. They all secured jobs in different companies. They were talking about their college life, how they first met, and their future.

“Does any one remember how we met first?” Ram said.

“I wait,i don’t.” said Raj.

“I do. we were collectively summoned for ragging by the seniors, in first year.” said Kumar

“oh yes, that time where they got us to give random girls roses.” Sunny added.

Ram was quiet. He was In deep thought, sipping his beer slowly.

‘What’s his deal’ asked Kumar

‘It’s the girl. He is worried about the girl’ said Raj, looking at Sunny, signalling something.

‘Ah yes. What happened, hasn’t he told her yet?’ asked Kumar.
‘no, he hasn’t the balls to do that’ said Sunny.

‘ i need your help, guys’ said Ram.
Kumar finished his beer, opened another one and started thinking.

‘How about you tell her over the phone?’ Raj said.

‘ No, that wouldn’t be impressive’said Sunny.

‘What do you know. I’ve got so many people hitched on the phone’ Raj retorted.

‘They must have broken up on the phone too’ said Sunny, laughing. He high fived Kumar, they all laughed for a while.

‘Guys, be serious’ said Ram. He looked tense.

‘Send her an email’ said Kumar.

‘Who will get him her email ID, your dad?’ Raj asked rhetorically.

‘What does my dad have to do with all this?’ said Kumar.

‘Okay then, write her a letter.’ Sunny said, getting his headphones away from the phone, just in case someone spilled beer.

‘That sounds like a good idea, improvise on it. Make sure that i’m not involved’ said Ram, showing a hint of relief

‘We will get someone else to give it to her’ said Sunny

‘She will fall for the courier then’ Raj quipped.

‘Yes, let’s do something else. Get someone like her brother to do it’

‘She has a brother’ Ram’s face lit up.

‘OH, this guy. You got your enquiries done, then’ said Kumar.

‘Okay, find her brother then’ Kumar said, in a matter of fact manner.

‘Why finding him, when he’s right here’ Raj said.

Kumar was puzzled.

He glanced at each of them.

‘it can’t be his sister,cuz he loves he’d he thought, looking at Raj

He looked at Sunny. ‘he’d be tensed if it were his sister’ he dismissed.

‘this joker doesn’t even have a sister’ he thought, looking at Raj.

‘okay, it’s my sister then’ he said, standing up from the table.he walked away and immersed himself in thought.

He turned. ‘why aren’t you two shocked?’ he asked, looking at Sunny and Raj.

‘we knew it already. We didn’t know how to tell you. Hence the whole arrangement’ said Raj, pointing at the drinks table.

They all laughed. And then, they drank happily ever after.

Never the prey

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Rubin was talking to someone seriously. There were many armed men around them.The location was rather deserted,with rubble everywhere.The discussion was rather heated. They were both pointing at a box and trying to deliberate on something. A price,actually. A price for the contents of the box. Rubin seemed to have the upper hand. His aggression was quite evident. At last,they seemed to have reached an agreement.

“Alright then. we have a deal.” Rubin said.
“Looks like we do.” Robert said.
“Was a pleasure dealing with you.” Rubin concluded.

Everyone retreated out of the location. The armed men were gone. Rubin was gone. The place was back to it’s deserted quiet self. There was a small noise at the corner nearest to which Rubin and the man were discussing the deal. A man rose from the shadows. He darted across the hall,opened a small side door.Another man came in.

“Looks like the deal is done,Max.” The guy entering the door said.
“yes it let’s get the bugs and leave,Ben.” said Max.
“careful with the sharp edges.” Max said.

They were in a room,studying something on the computer. Max was looking at the box which was sold by Rubin.

“If only we could catch a glimpse of the contents of the box.” said Ben
“i’m trying,’s not easy.” retorted Max.

Finally..finally they saw the contents of the box. One time Rubin opened it to check the contents. It was a collection of arms. Guns of different makes,revolvers,rifles. Their eyes sparkled.

“It doesn’t matter to us anyway.” Ben said.
“yeah.our target is a whole different one”

They went back to work. Their work was to kill the dealer, Rubin and steal all the money and the weapons for their boss,Robert. They had Rubin’s hideout on the radar for a while now. They looked for times with least security and they narrowed down on a particular time. So the plan was made,everything was set.

They entered the premises,Ben was covering while Max was attacking. They ducked, shot, moved silently and stealthily> At one point, Ben almost got strangled to death by one of Rubin’s guys,but Max came to the rescue. they decided to stick together and not go in different directions even if they see a way. After clearing their way through about 10 armed men,

Finally,they were in the same room as Rubin, with Rubin at gun point.

“Your game is over,Rubin” Max said.
“Oh you have no idea about the game,Max” retorted Robin. He grinned.

Before he could say anything, Max felt a searing pain in his back. He turned around to see what happened. He saw Ben,firing shots at him in a loop. He touched his shirt. He was losing blood. He knew he couldn’t make it. He looked at Ben,asking for an explanation.

“He has my girlfriend.” Ben said,sobbing. He went to Max and held him.

Max was no more. He knew Max would never forgive him. He knew God would never forgive him. He has done injustice to Max’s belief in him. He knew that he was going to regret this for life. He was selfish..

“I’ve done my job. Show me where Diana is.” Ben said, still looking at Max’s lifeless face.

“Diana” Rubin said. A gorgeous woman came out of the side door,a door similar to the one Max once opened for Ben.

Ben looked at her. she was safe.she looked lovely. As Ben bent down to rest Max’s body to go hug her, he heard gun shots. Rubin yelled out in pain. When he turned around, Diana was dishing out the shots. Rubin lay there,dead. Before he could look back at Diana, a bullet pierced through his flesh.

He knew it was her. There was no one else in the room. He had another bullet go through him.

“Why?” he squealed,withering in pain. “I loved you dearly.”

“Yes,i know. But i never loved you.she said, i was working for Robert all this while. He hired me before he did you. He feared something might go wrong,in killing Rubin. Rubin wasn’t an easy prey,after all. So he had his options open, and roped me in for the mission.I was never the prey, I was always the set up.”

She concluded, shooting for one last time.

Ben’s eyes closed, the last thing his vision ever captured was her beautiful face. The beautiful face of the woman he loved so much. The beautiful face for which he killed his dearest friend….

For once, for all

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They were covered in dust. Everyone was watching, tensed. Both the fighters looked very tired.

“Punch him hard, Robbie!” one of the onlookers said…
“get him in the stomach” someone else said.

Robbie was the favorite in that street bout, one of the many that happen everyday in that neighbourhood.

He was fighting Josh, one of the newer fighters in the arena. Josh had won a couple of fights, nothing major but. There are no rules. fight till someone dies or is injured fatally. The onlookers watch and derive a demonic sense of entertainment out of it. Robbie has been the champion for a while. He won every bout he played. He did not kill many people but he injured them seriously. some were crippled for life.

Josh closed in on Robbie,with a sharp punch aimed at Robbie’s face. Robbie ducked, placed a death blow on Josh’s stomach. Josh crumbled to the ground. He lay there, motionless. That’s it. Robbie won one more of those bouts. Josh was not dead. He was injured.

“You did it again, Robbie!!” someone yelled.

Robbie wasn’t listening. He was lost in the past. He remembered how he got into this dangerous dangerous sport. He was an orphan, and he was just wandering on the streets, doing nothing. He was a street urchin, with no one to go back to.

One of the “organisers” came to know of this fit young lad on the streets. He went and talked to Robbie, and Robbie accepted.

“You want to earn some easy money,lad?” the organiser asked.
“of course.yes.” Robbie said.
“So you should work for me.” the man said
“what am i supposed to do?” Robbie asked.
“you are supposed to fight.” said the organizer.
“But..” Robbie retorted
Before he could say anything, the man put some money in Robbie’s hand and said “enjoy yourself with that. I will call you when i need you.” he said, walking away.

…….Robbie was panting, nursing his bruises. Josh was very competitive.
“The kid was very good” he said,to the organiser. It wasn’t the old one anymore. The old organiser was arrested by the police.

“Get ready to a new bout tomorrow” the organiser said, counting his money

“That is all my money. MINE.” Robbie thought. He hated how all the people showed up to watch the bouts. No one hated the amount of violence or bloodshed. Women came to the bouts,too. Kids were accompanied by parents. No one was barred from entering the zone. Everyone had to buy the ticket. Kids or adults.

….”We need you for a fight today” the organiser said.
“sure” replied Robbie.
“Be careful, you are fighting a very strong man.He has defeated many people.” “He is the reigning champion”

Robbie was getting ready to his first bout. The opponent was supposedly ruthless. His name was Joshua. He was massive.

Joshua started on the offensive. He punched Robbie in his stomach.
Robbie withered in pain. That was something that he has never experienced. Sheer Power.

“Hit him, Joshua” the crowd was yelling

Joshua took another punch. Robbie ducked. Then,it was Robbie’s turn. He caught Joshua unaware. He landed three consecutive punches on Joshua,three deadly punches. Joshua slumped on the spot. Blood oozed from his nostrils. He lay there,dead.

“Get up, Joshua”
” Come on, Joshua”
people in the crowd egged Joshua on but he did not get back up. Robbie’s stealthiness has done him in. The crowd was livid. Everyone just lost their money,on Joshua. And thus emerged a new champion.

“Stealthiness has always been my power” though Robbie.

He liked the adrenalin in the game. He came coming back for more bouts. sometimes, he did it for the money.
Sometimes, for the women. He got them all. He was having a ball, winning bout after bout, getting the money and the women.

Then he started to be rude to the organisers. He often told them that all the money was his and that they were robbing him off it.

“you blood suckers are pocketing my money. be grateful to me” he used to say.

The next day, they had a new bout set up. Robbie walked in, as usual. It was a new fighter, fresh off the streets. The crowd was languid. Everyone knew that Robbie is going to win.

“It’s apparently a new kid.” someone said
“I feel so sorry for him.” said someone else
“Robbie is going to knock the life out of him.” said the third.
“Apparently his name is Mark”

The bout started, pretty quiet, everyone lazing around and waiting for Robbie to win.

Robbie started off with a hard punch in Mark’s face. Brutal, hard. Mark was bleeding. Robbie smiled. He got the upper hand.

Then, he moved in for another punch. As he did, Something happened,that startled him. Mark ducked. Before he could recover, Mark landed a hard blow in his chest. Then one more in his stomach. As he was about to get up, then came the final blow. In his chest again. Same spot. He did not get up again.

In the gallery, the organiser smiled. He walked over to Mark, said “Prepare yourself for a great career,kid.”…”But remember, don’t ever question us about money.”

Robbie was barely conscious. He remembered how Joshua went down that night. He himself was fresh off the streets,too. And he ended the reigning champion’s career. Now, when he turned against the organisers, they knew exactly how they could shut him up.

It all seemed strikingly similar. His and Joshua’s downfall. No one would ever ask for them as they HAD no one. The people at the bouts would miss them for a day or two. And then, they would be forgotten. Sent into the oblivion. The show will go on. The organisers know how to take it forward.

With those last thoughts, Robbie closed his eyes. For once, for all.